Vietnam Crypto Miners Complain About Losses From Ethereum’s Merge

Miners in Vietnam have expressed grievances over the loss of business following Ethereums transition to a consensus mechanism that does not require the energy-intensive computing they were providing. Many are in trouble, local media reported, quoting entrepreneurs and mining enthusiasts. criptomoneda…

ETC, RVN, ERGO Hashrate Soars Following The Merge, Large Quantity of Hashpower Awaits ETHW Fork

Ethereum has officially transitioned from a proof-of-work (PoW) network to a proof-of-stake (punto de venta) system after seven years of operating as a PoW blockchain. The Merge has forced ethereum miners to transition to other PoW-based tokens and after the ruleset change was

Ethereum Implements Bellatrix — Network’s Upcoming Paris Upgrade to Trigger The Merge, Validator Block Production

The blockchain network Ethereum has officially activated the Bellatrix upgrade, the final change before The Merge, the highly anticipated transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (punto de venta). Bellatrix was successfully codified into the codebase at epoch 144,896 on the Beacon chain and

En medio de la fusión de Ethereum, El fundador de Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, dice que Vasil Fork de ADA llegará pronto

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson detailed on Friday that the Vasil hard fork is coming soon and noted that it may occursometime in September.The crypto assets upgrade has been overshadowed by the upcoming Ethereum upgrade called The Merge. Vasil Hard

El Hashrate de Ethereum Classic toca otro máximo histórico siguiendo la línea de tiempo de fusión endurecida de Ethereum

On Thursday, following the official proof-of-stake (punto de venta) transition announcement from the Ethereum Foundation, Etéreo clásico’s hashrate tapped another all-time high at block height 15,806,925. The latest jump to 38.64 terahash marks the networks second record high in five days, as Ethereum

Ethereum Classic Hashrate alcanza un máximo histórico, Hashpower de ETC saltado 39% más alto en 4 Días

On August 20, 2022, Etéreo clásico’s hashrate reached an all-time high at block height 15,776,674 as it tapped 38.37 terahash por segundo (TE/s). The crypto asset has seen its hashrate surge since Wednesday, August 17, jumping 39.22% higher from 27.56 TE/s…

Parte superior 10 El dominio PoW se evapora 9 Años después, Solo quedarán dos monedas de prueba de trabajo después de la fusión

The crypto community is patiently waiting for the highly anticipated Ethereum network upgrade from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (punto de venta) as The Merge is expected to happen 27 days from now. After Ethereum transitions from PoW to PoS, only two crypto assets

Los mineros de PoW obtienen ganancias minando ETH hasta el final, Las redes Ethash esperan un impulso, Los estrategas de JPMorgan dicen que ETC podría beneficiarse

In just over a month’s tiempo, The Merge is likely to be implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and the networks proof-of-work (PoW) miners will be forced to mine another coin. Hasta aquí, it seems ethereum miners are sticking with the PoW

Solana sufre explotación — Cerca de 8,000 Las billeteras basadas en SOL se han visto comprometidas

The Solana smart contract project is suffering from issues once again after it was discovered that close to 8,000 Solana-based wallets have been compromised. Solana is asking victimized wallet owners to complete a survey and the team stressed thatengineers are

Encuesta que pregunta si la fusión podría causar una división de la cadena Ethereum genera discusiones sobre retrasos en el PoS

While there’s 50 days left until the week of September 19, the crypto community has been discussing whether or not Ethereum developers will delay the penciled-in date for The Merge. Es más, on July 27, the crypto hedge fund Galois Capital published