Iran Returns Seized Crypto Mining Equipment to Miners

A government body responsible for state property in Iran has released some of the hardware seized from illegal crypto mining farms. Its top executive explained the agency was obliged to do that by courts in the Islamic Republic, where unlicensed miners

Natural Gas Price Hike Hits Crypto Miners in Iran

Companies using natural gas as a power source to mint digital currency in Iran will have to deal with a sharp increase in the price of the fuel. The new rates set by the state-run supplier are almost double the previous

Sweden Needs Power for More Useful Things Than Bitcoin Mining, Energy Minister Says

Concerned about projected increase in electricity demand, the government in Sweden may turn its back on crypto mining, the countrys energy minister has indicated. Swedish bitcoin minting industry, a leader in Europe, is likely to soon lose the preferential treatment it

Iran to Shut Down Crypto Mining Farms Amid Record High Power Demand

Authorities in Iran plan to unplug licensed crypto mining facilities as electricity consumption in the country is reaching record highs. The mining farms will be cut off from the grid on Wednesday, the Islamic Republics Ministry of Energy announced. Legal Crypto

Se acerca el número de granjas ilegales de criptominería reventadas en Irán 7,000

Authorities in Iran have shut down close to 7,000 unauthorized facilities for cryptocurrency mining in the past two years, local media revealed. According to a report, most of the illegal bitcoin farms were concentrated in five provinces of the Islamic Republic,…

Kazajstán toma medidas enérgicas contra la minería ilegal, Bustos 13 Cripto Granjas

Authorities in Kazakhstan have gone after illegal crypto mining operations amid ongoing issues with electricity supply. Working together with law enforcement, the countrys energy ministry announced the closure of over a dozen facilities minting digital currencies. Government Shuts Down Unauthorized Crypto

Single Mining Farm Needs as Much Power as 24,000 Homes, Kazakhstan Estimates

Authorities in Kazakhstan have calculated the energy used in the countrys crypto mining industry which competes for electricity with other sectors of the economy and households. The government has also estimated the additional supply necessary to meet the growing demand from