Law Firm’s White Paper Claims US Bank Regulators Are Waging a ‘Clandestine Financial War’ Against Crypto Businesses

According to a recent white paper published by four members of the law firm Cooper & Kirk, PLLC, A NOSOTROS. bank regulators are attempting todrive crypto businesses out of the financial system.The paper, titledOperation Chokepoint 2.0,claims that after

Russian Crypto Industry Queries Government About Proposed Criminal Liability for Miners

The organization representing Russia’s crypto sector has asked the government in Moscow to clarify a proposal to introduce criminal liability for “gray” miners. The draft legislation seeks to punish those who fail to report their income to the state and share

Digital Assets Worth 2 Billion Rubles Issued in Russia in Less Than a Year

Digital financial assets (DFAs) for a total exceeding $26 million have been issued in Russia in the past year. This new market has been developing since it was regulated in 2021 and the country’s monetary authority started licensing issuers in the

Alameda Research Seeks $446 Million Over Alleged ‘Preferential Transfers’ to Voyager Digital

Los lunes, Alameda Research Ltd. filed a legal complaint against Voyager Digital LLC and HTC Trading Inc. en los EE.UU. bankruptcy court. The complaint alleges the defendants received preferential transfers of property from Alameda Research and the plaintiffs are seeking to

New York Governor Signs Law Partially Banning Bitcoin Mining on Fossil Fuels

A moratorium on some crypto mining operations relying on carbon-based energy has been signed into law in New York. Businesses engaged in proof-of-work mining in the state will not be able to expand or renew their permits for the next two

Proyecto de ley Fintech aprobado y listo para ser sancionado en Chile

Un proyecto de ley de tecnología financiera, que busca regular las actividades relacionadas con fintech y criptomonedas en Chile, ha sido aprobado por la cámara de diputados del congreso, dejándolo listo para ser sancionado por el presidente de Chile, Gabriel Boric. According to individuals in the

Israel prohíbe transacciones en efectivo por montos que comienzan tan bajos como $1,700

New legislation introducing tighter restrictions on payments with large sums of cash will enter into force in Israel on Monday. The goal, as stated by the countrys tax authority, is to improve the fight against organized crime, money laundering, and tax

Hong Kong introducirá licencias para criptoplataformas a través de la ley AML

New legislation tailored to regulate the crypto space in Hong Kong aims to implement a licensing regime for crypto service providers. The respective changes to the regions anti-money laundering (AML) rules have been submitted to its legislature while a recently published

Propuesta para establecer intercambio criptográfico ruso circula en Moscú

Russia may establish a dedicated exchange to carry out cryptocurrency transactions locally, a high-ranking member of the State Duma has suggested. The new platform can be hosted by the Moscow Exchange, according to Anatoly Aksakov, head of the parliamentary financial market

Financial Companies Report First Deal With Digital Assets Under Russian Law

Two companies have carried out Russias first transactions with digital financial assets as defined by the countrys current legislation. The deal involved the tokenization of debt issued by a third party and its subsequent acquisition. Russian Companies Conduct Issue and Placement