P2P Bitcoin Exchange Paxful Suspends Marketplace With Uncertainty of Return

According to a message from Paxful Founder and CEO, Ray Youssef, the peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform is suspending its marketplace, and the company is uncertain if it will return. Youssef cited challenges such as regulations and some key staff departures, pero…

Law Firm’s White Paper Claims US Bank Regulators Are Waging a ‘Clandestine Financial War’ Against Crypto Businesses

According to a recent white paper published by four members of the law firm Cooper & Kirk, PLLC, A NOSOTROS. bank regulators are attempting todrive crypto businesses out of the financial system.The paper, titledOperation Chokepoint 2.0,claims that after

Nasdaq tiene como objetivo lanzar servicios de criptocustodia en el segundo trimestre

Nasdaq intends to launch its custody services for digital assets like bitcoin by the end of this years second quarter. The exchange operator is among those traditional financial firms that want to play a role as intermediaries in the crypto sector

Russian Crypto Industry Queries Government About Proposed Criminal Liability for Miners

The organization representing Russia’s crypto sector has asked the government in Moscow to clarify a proposal to introduce criminal liability for “gray” miners. The draft legislation seeks to punish those who fail to report their income to the state and share

Meta Winding Down Support for NFTs on Facebook, Instagram

A NOSOTROS. tech giant Meta is giving up on operations with non-fungible tokens (NFT) amid ongoing turbulence in the crypto space. The company allowed creators to share digital collectibles on its leading social media platforms last year. Meta Platforms Cutting Off Support

El BIS publica un informe sobre el "Proyecto rompehielos": desarrolla un modelo de pago CBDC minorista transfronterizo

El Banco de Pagos Internacionales (BIS) ha publicado un informe que resume “Proyecto rompehielos” ensayo, que exploró las posibles ventajas y dificultades de utilizar una moneda digital minorista del banco central (CBDC) en pagos transfronterizos. El experimento fue diseñado para probar “la…

Reporte: FTX prometió altos ingresos a los estudiantes africanos que reclutaron con éxito a otros estudiantes

The collapsed crypto exchange FTX reportedly used the lure of high earnings to convince African university students to become its ambassadors. In addition to encouraging new FTX investors to use the platform, student ambassadors were also required to teach them about

Stablecoin Market Sees Supply Increase for Tether as Competitors Decline in Light of Recent Regulatory Developments

While the stablecoin market has seen significant redemptions in the past three months, el suministro de atadura, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, has increased by 2.46 billion since mid-November 2022. Tether is the only one of the top five stablecoins

El gigante de la transferencia de archivos Wetransfer se une a la industria NFT, Se asocia con Blockchain Platform Minima para el lanzamiento en marzo del producto Minting

File transfer service giant Wetransfer announced Monday it is collaborating with blockchain platform Minima to offer a non-fungible token (NFT) minting product in March. Wetransfer’s announcement details that users leveraging the Minima cooperative will be able to mint NFTs from a

Britain Announces Plans for ‘Robust’ Crypto Rules, Launches Consultation

El Reino Unido. has unveiled “ambitious plans” to “robustly regulate” various crypto activities, while seeking to protect customers and grow its economy. In the next three months, British authorities will accept public feedback on the new regulatory proposals designed to govern digital