Northern Data’s Bitcoin Mining Fleet Adds 21,000 ASIC Rigs, Firm Holds $168M in Crypto Assets

Northern Data's Bitcoin Mining Fleet Adds 21,000 ASIC Mining Rigs, Firm Holds $168M in Crypto Assets

En abril 4, the bitcoin mining operation Northern Data published its financial statements and noted that the companys mining fleet had grown by approximately 21,000 machines by the end of March 2022. The newly added machines increased the companys hashrate from 2 exahash per second in February to 3.95 EH/s by the end of March.


Northern Data Adds Thousands of New ASICs to the Mining Fleet, Hashrate Doubles

According to an audit report published by KPMG, the bitcoin miner Northern Data has seen growth during the last few months. Northern Datas financial statements note that the firm added 21,000 new ASIC mining rigs to the companys fleet of devices.

The latest addition brings Nothern Datas total number of ASIC rigs to 43,500 machines. Northern Data explains that the added machines resulted in increased hashrate as they added 1.95 EH/s to the firm’s 2 EH/s capacity.

Northern Data says 21,700 are hosted machines and the rest of the miners are dedicated to the companys own account. “By the end of the year, a total of more than 100,000 ASIC systems are expected to be in operation, representing approximately 9.3 EH/s,” Northern Data explained in a press release. “The bulk of these ASIC systems are already paid for,” the firm added.

223,000 GPUs Operational, Firm Holds $168 Million in Bitcoin and Ethereum

In addition to ASIC mining rigs dedicated to mining bitcoin (BTC), Northern Data is mining ethereum (ETH) as well. “223,000 GPUs are operational since the end of last year,” the firm explained on Monday. “A total of 5,031 ETH were generated in March 2022,Northern Datas financial statement shows.

In March, the company mined 286 BTC y 5,031 ETH, which brings the firms crypto holdings to 1,000 BTC y 35,200 ETH. A finales de marzo, Northern Data disclosed that the company has expanded as well, to a total of 12 data centers across the globe. Es más, the company aims to work in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2024.

Northern Data entered into a partnership with the State of Oklahoma and energy provider Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) and plans to build a data center site in the vicinity of Tulsa for around 70,000 ASIC systems by the end of 2024,the companys financial statement concludes.

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