Analysts Weigh In on BRICS Currency as Tool to Face US Dollar-Based Sanctions

Analysts have begun considering using a future BRICS currency to sidestep U.S. sanctions and the dollar’s influence in international markets. While the rise of the U.S. dollar was significant to spur an era of economic growth after World War II, la…

India to Facilitate International Settlements in Rupees to Reduce Dependence on the US Dollar

The government of India has announced that it will facilitate the settlement of international transactions using its national currency, the rupee. As part of its foreign trading policy framework implemented on April 1, the country introduced this measure to facilitate payments

Putin, Xi Vow to Use Yuan as Russia and China Move to Settlements in National Currencies

As part of the talks that Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping are currently conducting in Russia, Russia has vowed to move to use the Chinese yuan as a settlement currency with countries in Asia, África, and Latam….

Experto predice un colapso económico inminente mientras las naciones BRICS se unen contra el dólar

andy schectman, CEO de Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, explicó en una entrevista reciente que las cinco principales economías emergentes—Brasil, Rusia, India, Porcelana, y Sudáfrica, conocidas colectivamente como naciones BRICS, son “fusionándose contra el dólar.” Schectman cree que desde 2022, desdolarización…

S&P Global Report Says EU and UK Are in a Recession, Putin Thinks the West Is Greedy

Este Dia’s blustery global economy has everyone on edge as inflation has wreaked havoc on the wallets of ordinary people and energy prices continue to soar worldwide. According to Credit Suisse, “the worst is yet to come,” as the global investment bank’s…

Los economistas estadounidenses están desconcertados por una "situación inusual" ya que el rublo de Rusia es la moneda fiduciaria con mejor rendimiento del mundo

Dos meses después de que el rublo ruso cayera por debajo del dólar estadounidense. centavo, the transcontinental countrys fiat currency is the best performing currency worldwide. American economists are baffled by theunusual situationbecause a country facing stiff sanctions typically sees its fiat currency

Putin advierte que las criptomonedas conllevan riesgos, Admite que pueden tener futuro

Russian President Vladimir Putin has again spoken about cryptocurrencies, noting thehigh risksassociated with the virtual assets. Sin embargo, the Russian leader has also acknowledged that digital currencies may have a future and its necessary to follow their development. Rusia’s Putin