El yen japonés cae al mínimo de 32 años frente al dólar estadounidense: se espera otra intervención de las autoridades

The Japanese yen’s exchange rate versus the U.S. dollar recently plunged to its lowest rate in 32 years — 147.66 JPY per dollar. The yen’s latest fall comes less than a month after its slip in September prompted authorities to enter

Chinese Central Bank Says It Will Prioritize Stabilizing Currency After Yuan Plunges to 14-Year Low Versus USD

Moments after the Chinese yuans onshore exchange rate versus the U.S. dollar slumped to 7.2458 por dólar, the Peoples Bank of China responded by stating that it will prioritize stabilizing the currency. Similar to other currencies that have been depreciating against

Net Inflows Into Largest Gold ETF Surge Amidst Falling Stocks and Crypto Prices

Net inflows into SPDR Gold Shares surged to a new record of $1.63 mil millones, the highest since its listing in 2004. The surge of net inflows into one of the largest gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) comes against a backdrop of falling