Las ventas de NFT evitan la caída del criptomercado esta semana con un ligero aumento en el volumen

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have managed to stay consistent this week while the crypto economy saw more losses over the last seven days. The week prior, $152.9 million in NFT sales were recorded across 18 blockchains and during the past week,…

Las ventas de NFT bajaron esta semana, Saltos de volumen Cronos NFT 236% Más alto, La colección Azuki se eleva

Last week, non-fungible token sales saw an improvement after tumbling week after week in terms of sales volume. Esta semana, NFT sales are down 2.15% from last week’s $544.6 million to this week’s $539.2 millón. The top NFT collection in terms

‘100x Lower Than L1 Fees’ — Alchemy Integrates Ethereum L2 Product Starknet to Increase Web3 Scalability

According to the startup Starkware, the teams Ethereum layer two (L2) service Starknet has been integrated by the blockchain API and node service Alchemy. Developers can now leverage Alchemys infrastructure tools alongside Starknets zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup technology. Israel-Based Startup Starkware Partners

Las ventas semanales de NFT continúan cayendo, Los datos de Google Trends muestran que las consultas de NFT están bajas 45% en 30 Días

Following a lackluster week that saw non-fungible token (NFT) sales slip by 29.35% last week, the last seven days of NFT sales have dropped further losing more than 7%. Fuera de 12 different NFT-supporting blockchains, Solana was the only gainer, en…

Análisis técnico: Solana surge 15%, a medida que disminuye el precio de Loopring

Solana was trading close to 15% higher on Tuesday, as crypto markets were mostly in the green to start February. This comes as markets look set to move past Januarys red wave. Biggest gainers Cryptocurrency markets were mostly bullish during Tuesday’s…

Rarible NFT Marketplace Integrates Tezos Blockchain, Will Support Ubisoft Digits

On Wednesday, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Rarible announced that the platform now supports the Tezos blockchain network. The move follows Raribles integration with the Flow blockchain protocol in mid-November, and the NFT marketplace now supports a total of three blockchain