El FMI espera que la economía de EE. UU. experimente una alta inflación durante al menos uno o dos años más

The International Monetary Fund (FMI) expects the U.S. economy to experience high inflation for at least another year or two. “I would be careful about looking at one data point for the U.S.,IMF First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath cautioned….

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Dismisses Cryptocurrencies as Financial Stability Concern but Warns They’re Risky

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says that he does not see cryptocurrencies as a financial stability concern. Sin embargo, he noted that they are risky and “allá’s big consumer issues for consumers who may or may not understand what theyre getting.” alimentados…

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler: No Plan to Ban Crypto, It’s up to Congress

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler says that the SEC has no plan to ban cryptocurrencies as China has done. He noted that it would be up to Congress to make such a decision. Recently, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell similarly said that

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell Says No Intention to Ban or Limit Use of Cryptocurrencies

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed during a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee that he has no intention to ban or limit the use of cryptocurrencies. He also commented on the regulation of stablecoins. Powell SaysNo Intention to