Romania Carries Out Raids as Part of Crypto Tax Evasion Probe

Authorities in Romania have conducted more than a dozen raids against people suspected of hiding income from cryptocurrency operations. The searches took place in late 2022 following an earlier investigation which established that crypto traders had failed to report digital assets

US Government Delays Tax Reporting Rules for Cryptocurrency Brokers

The enforcement of a requirement for brokers to report gains made by crypto investors has been postponed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS. The new tax rules, incorporated into the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Congreso…

Russia and Turkey to Collaborate on Combating Crime-Related Crypto Transactions

Law enforcement and judicial authorities from Russia and Turkey are joining forces in the fight against cybercrime, including the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes. The collaboration has been agreed upon during a visit by Russia’s Prosecutor General to Ankara. Rusia,…

Las tarjetas de crédito no deben usarse para transacciones criptográficas, Dice el organismo de control financiero de Taiwán

The financial regulator of Taiwan has asked local banks not to allow the use of cards for payments in transactions involving cryptocurrencies, local media revealed. The authority says these assets are risky while associated cash flows are hard to monitor. Taiwanese

El organismo de control financiero de Rusia investiga 400 Casos relacionados con criptomonedas, El director le dice a Putin

Rosfinmonitoring is conducting hundreds of investigations into cases involving cryptocurrencies, the head of the agency announced. Hundreds of thousands of Russians take part in crypto deals abroad, the top regulator also reported to the Russian president. Russian Authorities Initiate 20 Criminal

Reporte: Cuatro prestamistas nigerianos sancionados por no bloquear transacciones criptográficas

The Nigerian central bank recently fined four financial institutions it accuses of failing to stop clients from using their respective platforms to conduct cryptocurrency transactions. According to one of the affected institutions, the central bank is using a certainadvanced ability”…

El regulador colombiano de lavado de dinero pospone la resolución de informes de criptotransacciones

La UIAF, ¿Cuál es el organismo de control de lavado de activos de Colombia?, ha pospuesto la fecha en la que los intercambios y las personas deben comenzar a informar sus transacciones a la organización. The institution will now open a consulting period in which companies and individuals can present

Reporte: El número de usuarios africanos de criptomonedas aumentó casi 2,500%

The number of cryptocurrency users in Africa grew by almost 2,500% entre enero 2021 and January 2022, while the average number of monthly transactions went up by 1,400%, a new report by Kucoin has said. Widespread Adoption of Cryptocurrencies According to

Annual Volume of Crypto Transactions Made by Russians Reaches $5 mil millones, Bank of Russia Finds

With the growing capitalization of the crypto economy, Russians have been making crypto transactions worth billions of dollars a year, data gathered by the Central Bank of Russia shows. Russian residents are some of the most active participants in the crypto