Crypto Association in Turkey Vows to Block Exchanges That ‘Victimize Traders’

A new organization has been established in Turkey with the aim to monitor and help develop the country’s crypto sector, local media reported. Its first task will be to address recent problems with some cryptocurrency exchanges and boost confidence in the

The Central African Republic Says Sale of 210 Million Sango Crypto Tokens to Commence in Late July

The sale of the Central African Republic (COCHE)’s 210,000,000 Sango coins is set to begin on July 25 and participating investors will have to buy tokens worth at least $500. In return for buying and locking in the Sango coins, investors

25% of US Adults Plan to Start Investing in Crypto, Programas de encuestas

A U.S. consumer survey shows that 25% of respondents who currently do not own cryptocurrency plan to start investing in crypto. “2021 was a good year for crypto. Of the respondents that own crypto, more than half reported that they had

El Banco de Rusia quiere restringir las inversiones en criptomonedas bloqueando los pagos con tarjeta, Informe revela

The Central Bank of Russia is currently reviewing various ways to prevent Russians from investing in cryptocurrency. One the options on the table is to block card payments to certain recipients such as crypto exchanges, a media report has unveiled. A…

El Banco de Rusia tiene herramientas para restringir las inversiones en criptomonedas, Sugerencias del gobernador

The Central Bank of Russia has reaffirmed its opposition to cryptocurrency investments citing the volatility of the digital assets as a key motive for its conservative stance. Governor Elvira Nabiullina has recently indicated that the regulator has the means to restrict

Bank of Russia Rejects Provision of Crypto-Related Financial Services

Rusia’s central bank has voiced opposition to the provision of financial services related to cryptocurrencies. The monetary authority believes such offerings would go against the interests of Russian investors as they are highly risky. Central Bank of Russia Unwilling to Allow

Kazajstán impone límites de compra a los criptoinversores minoristas

Authorities in Kazakhstan have introduced restrictions on the amounts of cryptocurrency retail investors can buy on local exchanges. Officials explained the decision citing the need to protect private individuals from exposure to the risks associated with digital financial assets. Investors in

Crypto Investor demanda a Apple por una aplicación maliciosa que robó criptomonedas

A crypto investor has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Inc. after she downloaded a malicious application from the companys App Store that led to the theft of her cryptocurrencies. Apple Sued Over Theft of Cryptocurrency Due to Malicious App Hadona