Mayores motores: OLAS Gotas 17% como CERCA, SOL, y AVAX también obtienen éxitos de dos dígitos el viernes

Las OLAS descendieron tanto como 17% in todays session, ya que los criptomercados en su conjunto cotizan principalmente en números rojos. SOL and NEAR were two notable tokens to fall in todays session, con AVAX también cayendo en dos dígitos hoy….

Músico canadiense Grimes revela 'Libro de metaverso infantil intergaláctico' en Avalanche Summit

At the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, the Canadian musician and record producer Grimes announced she plans to launch anintergalactic childrens metaverse book.Grimes’ niños’s metaverse book project is part of a $100 million initiative started by the Avalanche Foundation and

Etéreo contra. Avax Social Media Battles Rage a medida que las tarifas L1 siguen aumentando

The Ethereum scaling wars are raging on social media due to the problems that this chain is facing, with fees on layer one (L1) at very high levels. Zhu Su, CEO of Three Arrows Capital, a notable crypto VC company, Anunciado…

Plataforma Avalanche Defi Vee Finance atacada — $35 Millones en ETH, BTC desviado

On September 21, 2021, an Avalanche-based decentralized finance (definitivamente) platform Vee Finance announced that it suffered from an incident that siphoned 8,804 ether and 213 bitcoin out of the system. The team has suspended the defi platform contracts and stressed that

El estratega de JPMorgan estima el valor razonable de Ether en $1,500 En medio de la competencia de 'Ethereum Killers'

A strategist at JPMorgan stated that ethers fair value is way lower than its current price. According to a set of measurements based on network activity, he calculated ethers value at $1,500, 55% lower than its market price. One of the

Cross-Chain Bridges That Connect 5 Different Blockchains to Ethereum

During the last few months, cross-chain bridge technology has grown a great deal and users can now swap assets between a myriad of networks. Este Dia, between eight different bridges there’s $7.6 billion total-value locked across these platforms. Cross-Chain Bridges