Fondo Monetario Internacional ayudará a El Salvador a compilar estadísticas de adopción de Bitcoin

The International Monetary Fund has mentioned it is providing technical assistance to the government of El Salvador in various ways. According to Gerry Rice, a spokesperson for the organization, the group is having talks with people of the Salvadoran government about

Dogecoin Foundation Says It’s Working With Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin on a Staking Concept

According to the Dogecoin Foundation, the organization is working with Vitalik Buterin on constructing proof-of-stake (punto de venta) capabilities for the Dogecoin network. los “uniquely Doge proposalis aimed at bolstering acommunity stakingversion of the protocol. Dogecoin Foundation Discusses the Project’s…

El Comité de Transformación Digital recomienda la adopción de la criptoley ucraniana enmendada

The lawOn Virtual Assets,” Ucrania’s attempt to regulate its growing crypto space, has been revised again and recommended for final adoption. A key parliamentary committee has given its support for the bill which was vetoed by the Ukrainian president this

ETC Group Releases Bitcoin Cash Report Praising High Usage and Vibrant Development

ETC Group, an ETF issuer company, released a report last month about the evolution of Bitcoin Cash in the years after the hard fork that created it. While the company acknowledged the asset price is lagging compared to its older sibling,…