La capitalización de mercado de Tether avanza hacia el máximo histórico mientras los competidores luchan con los rescates

A pesar de varios EE.UU.. tokens digitales vinculados al dólar que experimentaron redenciones notables en los últimos meses, la moneda estable más grande por valoración de mercado, atar, está a punto de lograr su capitalización de mercado más alta de la historia. Con un valor actual de $82.84 mil millones, tether is a mere $433

Binance Reportedly Removes Restrictions on Russian Users

The worlds largest crypto exchange, Binance, has lifted certain restrictions on Russian users, local crypto media unveiled. Según múltiples informes, Russians can once again use their bank cards to make deposits and the trading platform has canceled a limit on

Binance Launches Ether-Based Liquid Staking Product WBETH to Rival Liquid Staking Competitors

In an announcement made on April 24, Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange with the largest trade volume, unveiled its latest staking product, wrapped beacon eth (WBETH). This new addition to Binances staking solutions is built on the Ethereum network, joining the ranks

Rogue Validator Exploits MEV Bots on Ethereum, Resulting in $25.3M in Crypto Losses

En abril 3, 2023, at Ethereum block height 16,964,664, a group of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) bots were exploited for $25.3 millón. An analysis of the exploit revealed that a renegade validator switched the MEV botstransactions and seized various crypto

In-Chat Tether Transfers Introduced in Telegram

Users of the Telegram messenger will now be able to send each other the leading stablecoin, atar (usdt), directly in the chats. The new option expands the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase, sale, and trade in the messaging app. Atar…

El flujo y reflujo de la economía de las monedas estables continúa con la caída de la capitalización de mercado de BUSD $10 Rango de mil millones

El ámbito de las monedas estables es un panorama en constante evolución y la cantidad de monedas en circulación para la moneda estable BUSD ha caído por debajo del 10 mil millones de marcos a aproximadamente 9.68 mil millones en marzo 3, 2023. Sobre el último 30 días, BUSD’s token

Binance Increases USDC Holdings as BUSD’s Market Cap Slides Lower

Eight days ago, Paxos announced that the company would no longer mint the stablecoin BUSD. Desde entonces, the coins market capitalization has been sliding lower as redemptions have become more prominent. Mientras tanto, a data researcher from Nansen has discovered that Binance,…

Por poco 3 Billion BUSD Stablecoins Have Been Removed From the Market in 6 Días

Six days ago, a few hours before the blockchain infrastructure platform Paxos announced it would no longer mint BUSD stablecoins, $2.86 billion worth of BUSD were redeemed. Corrientemente, Binance is the most active exchange trading BUSD tokens, and the stablecoin still