30 Day NFT Sales Continue to Run Hot With Punks and Apes, Metaverse Trade Volume Skyrockets

The number of recorded non-fungible token (NFT) sales during the last 30 days consisted of roughly 362,374 Ventas. During the past 30 días, the leading NFT marketplace Opensea processed $2.39 mil millones, arriba 22.88% since last month. Decentraland volume jumped 192% since last month reaching more than $28 millones en ventas.

NFT and Metaverse Steam Continues With Big Volume and Expensive Collectibles

During the last month of the year, the metaverse and non-fungible token (NFT) hype has continued to remain strong. Over the last week, Decentraland and The Sandbox processed a significant amount of sales.

Seven-day metrics indicate The Sandbox saw $19.3 million in sales while Decentraland did $6.6 millón. 30-day stats show Decentraland’s $28 million in sales pushed it up closed to 200% more than last month.

While Opensea sales spiked 22.88% este último mes, Solana’s Magic Eden marketplace saw $148.86 million in monthly sales, arriba 86.9%. Superrare’s $26 million in 30 day sales pushed it up 15% since last month.

The Wax blockchain NFT marketplace Atomicmarket had $38.96 million in sales which is down 73%. raro’s NFT market sales dropped 4.5% last month with $18.27 million in sales recorded. Foundation saw $10.38 million in monthly sales (abajo 11.94%) and Aavegotchi had $5.78 millones en ventas (abajo 35%).

30 Day NFT Sales Continue to Run Hot With Punks and Apes, Metaverse Trade Volume Skyrockets

Despite the discussions online concerning Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT floor prices jumping just above Cryptopunk (CP) Valores mínimos de NFT, the biggest sale this month was Cryptopunk #4156 sold two weeks ago for 2.5K ETH o $10.35 million at the time of sale.

Es más, the sixth-largest sale this past month was ​​criptopunk #9953 which sold for 399.69 ETH o $1.57 millón. While CP floor prices are just above BAYC floor value, they are roughly the same at 52 a 53.5 ether per NFT. CPs daily media price is higher (56 ETH) than BAYCs daily median value (55 ETH) en el momento de escribir.

The most expensive BAYC sold this past month was Bored Ape Yacht Club #9452 which sold for $1.42 millones o 347 éter. Es más, Club de yates de monos aburridos #9449 vendido para 285 éter o $1.17 million four weeks ago.

While five CPs made the top 15 most expensive NFT sales this month, only two BAYCs made it into the top 15 rankings. Another notable sale during the last 30 days was the Axie Infinity #1157920892 purchase for 550 ETH o $2.33 millón. La parte superior 15 NFT sales in the last 30 days captured $41.56 millón.

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