Tracker zeigt nah an 3,000 Krypto-Geldautomaten wurden im ersten Quartal 2022 installiert

Tracker zeigt nah an 3,000 Crypto ATMs Were Installed in 2022's First Quarter

Während der letzten 12 Monate, dort’war eine exponentielle Anzahl von Geldautomaten für Kryptowährungen (Geldautomaten) installiert, da die Daten das zeigen 20,000 Krypto-Geldautomaten wurden letztes Jahr installiert. This year machines are still being installed in great numbers and since December 30, there have been 2,759 machines added to the list of 36,659 crypto ATMs worldwide.


Crypto ATM Installations Jump More Than 8% Since December 30

Heute, according to the crypto ATM tracker, dort’ist ungefähr 36,659 crypto ATMs hosted in 76 different countries. Crypto ATM numbers have grown significantly over the years, und 2021 saw the largest annual increase so far, with more than 20,000 machines added during the year.

As the first quarter of 2022 has come to an end, data from indicates there are 36,659 crypto ATMs available. On December 30, 2021, Nachrichten gemeldet dass es gab 33,900 crypto ATMs, which means that over the last 93 Tage, 2,759 crypto ATMs have been installed across the globe.

Dass’s an 8.13% increase since December 30, and currently, there are 612 operators managing the 36,659 Maschinen. Operators include Bitcoin Depot, Coin Cloud, Coinflip, and Bitcoin of America. zusätzlich, there are 43 crypto ATM producers with manufacturers like Genesiscoin, General Bytes, Bitaccess, Coinsource, Bitstop, und mehr.

The Manufacturer Genesis Coin, the Operator Bitcoin Depot, and the US Lead the Pack in Terms of Crypto ATM Activity

The top operator in terms of the most crypto ATMs is Bitcoin Depot with 7,001 installed worldwide. Coin Cloud is the second-largest operator with 5,198 crypto ATMs in operation. While Bitcoin Depot commands 19.1% des 36,659 machines installed, Coin Cloud captures 14.2%. also shows a map of where all the crypto ATMs are located and what type of crypto asset the machines support. Zum Beispiel, crypto ATMs support bitcoin, Äther, Bitcoin-Bargeld, Litecoin, dash, monero, zcash, Dogecoin, Halteseil, and xrp.

The crypto ATM tracker site also shows that most of the machines are located in the United States, as the country hosts 32,623 crypto ATMs. The country with the second-largest number of crypto ATMs is Canada with 2,439 Standorte. Die USA. and Canada are followed by Spain (225), Der Retter (204), Polen (180), and Switzerland (147).

As far as crypto ATM installations by manufacturer, Genesis Coin commands 41.6% of the worlds share of crypto ATMs installed. General Bytes is the second leading manufacturer in terms of crypto ATM installations, mit 21.4% of the global share. Genesis Coin and General Bytes are followed by Bitaccess (15.2%), Coinsource (5.3%), Bitstop (4.6%), Bytefederal (3.7%), und “othermanufacturers (8.2%).

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