Kraken CEO: Regulators Let Bad Guys Get Big and Blow Up to Serve Their Agenda

The CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell, says U.S. Regler “let the bad guys get big and blow up because it serves their agenda.The executive explained: “Bad guys operate with huge competitive advantages. They suck up users, Einnahmen, und…

Kraken CEO Calls on Congress to Protect US Crypto Industry Following Settlement With SEC Over Staking Program

The CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell, has called on Congress to pass a law to protect the U.S. crypto industry after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEK) took action against his trading platform over its crypto staking service. Kraken’s

Darknet Market Solaris Hacked by Competitor, Elliptic Reveals

A leading marketplace on the dark web, Solaris, has been hit by a rival, according to crypto analytics company Elliptic. The Russia-linked platform, which tried to occupy space vacated by the busted Hydra, is believed to have conquered up to a

Kraken Shutting Down Crypto Exchange in Japan Citing Weak Global Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is shutting down services in Japan. The company explained that the current Japanese market conditions and a weak global crypto market do not justify the resources needed to further grow its business in Japan at this time. Krake…

Kraken’s Jesse Powell Takes Aim at Newly Launched Proof-of-Reserve Lists, POR Audit ‘Requires Cryptographic Proof’

Am Dienstag, amid the many conversations concerning crypto exchange proof-of-reserves, Kraken executive Jesse Powell shared a screenshot of’s newly launched proof-of-reserves (POR) dashboard. Powell said he planned to be “more assertive with calling out problems,” and he stressed that a

30% of Today’s Staked Ethereum Is Tied to Lido’s Liquid Staking, 8 ETH 2.0 Pools Command $8.1 Billion in Value

In roughly three days Ethereum is expected to transition from a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain network to a proof-of-stake (Schild) version via The Merge. Ahead of the transition, the liquid staking project Lido has seen a lot more activity as the value

Coinbase und 17 Andere Kryptofirmen bringen „Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology“ auf den Markt

Am Mittwoch, the publicly-listed cryptocurrency firm Coinbase announced the launch of a collaborative effort called TRUST, which stands forTravel Rule Universal Solution Technology.The plan is described as anindustry-driven solutiondeveloped to comply with the Financial Action Task Force

Kraken Ventures erhöht $65 Millionen für Investitionen in Web3, Defi, Blockchain-Startups und -Protokolle

Der unabhängige Investmentfonds unter der Leitung von Kraken-Alumni, der’s konzentriert sich auf Unternehmen und Protokolle in der Anfangsphase, Kraken Ventures, gab den erfolgreichen Abschluss seines ersten Fonds am . bekannt $65 Million. Gegenwärtig, der Fonds hält Positionen in Plattformen wie Hashflow, Pstake, Acala, Blockdaemon, Anchorage,…

Großbritannien verbietet Krypto-Werbung von Papa John’s Pizza, Coinbase, toro, Der Mond, Krake

The U.K. advertising watchdog has banned several cryptocurrency ads, including those by Papa Johns Pizza, Coinbase, Krake, toro, and Luno. The authority says the ads aremisleading” und “irresponsibly taking advantage of consumersinexperience.” 7 Crypto Ads Banned by UK Authority