Recently Signed 2009 Bitcoin Block Reward Linked to Hal Finney’s Set of BTC Transactions

At the end of November, an unknown person signed a signature tied to an extremely old block reward mined on Jan. 19, 2009, and the user published a message and verified signature linked to the reward on the forum Der…

Prüfbericht: Deleted Files Indicate Crypto Lender Hodlnaut’s Execs Gave Little Weight to Terra Luna Exposure

Laut einem Bericht, the embattled crypto lender Hodlnaut saw a significant loss from the Terra blockchain collapse last May. The report notes that Hodlnaut downplayed the companys exposure to the Terra ecosystem and allegedly lost $190 million from the incident….

Crypto Firm Freeway Updates Community, Says Trading Strategy ‘Failed’ and ‘Caused a Substantial Loss’

Four days ago, the crypto rewards platform, formally called Aubit, halted withdrawals on October 23 after citing it was protecting the firm’s portfolio from “market fluctuations and volatility.” Two days later, the team updated the community and explained on Tuesday

Hodlnaut Gerichtsakten Highlight a $193 Millionenmangel, Whistleblower verurteilt die widersprüchlichen Aussagen des Krypto-Kreditgebers

Der angeschlagene Krypto-Kreditgeber Hodlnaut teilte ein weiteres Update mit, nachdem das Unternehmen im August Abhebungen eingefroren hatte 8, und dann enthüllte, dass das Unternehmen eine gerichtliche Verwaltung anstrebt, um das Startup zu rehabilitieren. The latest update shows that Hodlnaut experienced a shortfall of

Krypto-Kreditgeber Hodlnaut pausiert Auszahlungen – Unternehmen zitiert Marktbedingungen, Trotz der jüngsten Krypto-Rallye

Im August 8, the crypto exchange and lending platform Hodlnaut announced that the company has paused withdrawals, token swaps, and deposits. Hodlnaut joins a slew of crypto firms that have frozen withdrawals during the last three months, leaving customers little hope

Do Kwon beschuldigt, vor dem Zusammenbruch der UST 2,7 Milliarden Dollar ausgezahlt zu haben, Terra-Gründer sagt, Anschuldigungen seien falsch

Terra’s new LUNA 2.0 token has lost 54% in value in the last two weeks, after reaching $11.33 per unit on May 30. inzwischen, the whistleblower Fatman has accused Terras co-founder Do Kwon of cashing out $2.7 billion a few months

A New Terra Network Is Coming With Support From Major Exchanges, LUNA and UST Holders Eligible for Airdropped Tokens

According to a recent announcement from the Terra blockchain team, the community voted and passed a proposal that plans to launch a new genesis version of the Terra blockchain without an algorithmic stablecoin. The governance proposal calledTerra Ecosystem Revival Plan