SAI․TECHs SAITIME 2023 wird revolutionäre Produkte für die Bergbau- und Computerindustrie vorstellen

PRESSEMITTEILUNG. SINGAPORE – SAI.TECH Global Corporation, a clean-tech company specializing in Bitcoin mining, heating, and power industry, hosted its virtual corporate annual conference, SAITIME 2023 on April 20th at 08:30 EST. The virtual conference was hosted by founder & CEO Arthur Lee and was live-streamed on Youtube and Zoom. Live tweets and discussions were also hosted on Twitter.

The conference featured the consolidation of the SAIHUB solution, which aims to build a cleaner world through the green transition of the computing industry and the research and promotion of small modular reactors(SMR), a more energy-efficient industry through liquid cooling and the reuse of chip heat, and a more connected world through digitization. The endeavor to consolidate the SAIHUB solution includes the launch of ULTIAAS, BOLTBIT, and HEATNUC.

ULTIAAS, SAI.TECH’s main product lineup comes to light as a realization of its Arthur Lee’s vision for a cleaner and more efficient world driven by computing and energy efficiency.

SAI.TECH realizes that while possessing huge potential, chip heat is regarded as a byproduct that often goes wasted. And air-cooling, the prevalent cooling method in the industry, is beset with numerous problems like noise, maintenance difficulties, and environmental restraints. Most importantly, it is not designed with the capability to unleash the potential of chip heat.

ULTIAAS focuses on providing customers with hardware and software products that are designed to not only maximize computing potency, but also to boost energy efficiency in the process by putting chip heat into use in agricultural, industriell, and commercial settings. This is made possible by the different liquid cooling methods we’ve embedded in our computing infrastructure models to suit different needs.

Liquid cooling makes computing cleaner by reducing carbon emissions, noise, and dust, and by giving operators the ability to recover heat. Reducing energy demand for heat. It also reduces costs in maintenance and deployment.

ULTIAAS’s current fleet of products includes the CAB, a computing infrastructure unit suited for indoor deployment, and is equipped with a heavy-duty boiler to provide heat in hotels, shopping centers, and other commercial settings. The SAIHUB app, a mobile app that makes managing servers, heat recycling, and digital assets effortless for customers.

The BOX series is a lineup of computing infrastructure units designed for outdoor deployment. All equipped with immersion and rack-mounted liquid cooling and fitted inside standard 20ft containers, the BOXs are capable of high-performance computing under temperatures ranging from -40°F to 122°F.

The different models of the PCB are designed respectively to the 4U & 2U standards. TANKPCB & RACKPCB are purposed respectively for immersion liquid cooling and rack-mounted liquid cooling. By the rollout of the two servers, ULTIAAS aims to piece the puzzle of its holistic computing solutions and also set a trend toward industry-wide standardization in alignment with IDC standards. Through standardization, we will be able to optimize cost, efficiency, and safety from manufacturing to operation for the computing industry as a whole.

The operation component of UTIAAS aims at reimagining data centers, by efficiently utilizing chip heat in agricultural, commercial, residential, and industrial activities. Upon the success of SAI NODE Ohio, our first operation project landed out of Chesterland, Ohio, where we had successfully grown produce using heat recycled from computing activities. Our second operation site is currently under construction also in Ohio, as we hope to tap into the state’s enormous reservoirs of clean energy.

The two strategic incubating projects, BOLTBIT and HEATNUC, are aimed at expanding the business of upstream and downstream industries. BOLTBIT focuses on providing decentralized transaction system services and technical support based on blockchain and lightning network technology, while HEATNUC focuses on the research and promotion of small modular reactors.


SAI.TECH is a Nasdaq listed (SAI) Sustainable Bitverse Operator. Headquartered in Singapore, SAI has three core businesses. ULTIAAS is dedicated to providing clean computing services based on liquid cooling and chip waste heat utilization technology for bitcoin mining and AI computing; HEATNUC is dedicated to providing zero-carbon energy system based on Small Modular Reactor and heat pump combined power supply technology for cities and countries; BOLTBIT is dedicated to providing decentralized transaction system based on blockchain and lightning network technology.


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