Paris Hilton listet über Sotheby’s Metaverse Marketplace ein paar Stücke aus ihrer NFT-Sammlung auf

Paris Hilton listet über Sotheby’s Metaverse Marketplace ein paar Stücke aus ihrer NFT-Sammlung auf

Letzte Woche das führende Luxusauktionshaus Sotheby’s hat seinen nicht fungiblen Token eingeführt (NFT) Marktplatz genannt “Metaverse.” Die Sotheby’s NFT-Marktplatz hat eine Reihe von Kunstwerken zum Sammeln gezeigt, darunter Karten aus der seltenen Pepe-Kartensammlung. Now the socialite Paris Hilton has introduced a few of her NFTs on Sothebys native NFT market featuring works from popular NFT artists such as Chelsea Evenstar and Maalavidaa.


Leading Auction House Sothebys Introduces Metaverse NFT Market

The British-founded American multinational luxury auction headquartered in New York City, Sothebys has been going big on non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles in recent times. Last week the company eingeführt einschließlich des Erwerbs von Bitcoin oder Bitcoin-Mining-Maschinen. “Sothebys Metaversein order to host and auction the hottest NFTs in the space. The original Sothebys website could not offer the same experiences Metaverse offers and people can host their NFT collections by connecting with Sotheby’S.

Just recently a collection of some of the rarest Rare Pepe blockchain trading cards were listed on the Sothebys NFT Metaverse market. The Twitter account dubbedToken Angelsgetwittert about having his Rare Pepe blockchain trading cards listed on the luxury NFT market. “Very honored to take part [in this] auction [und] super proud to present RAREPEPE to the world art community,” Token Angels said. “Please watch the video (in link) where I present the 3 amazing cards on auction and I explain why RAREPEPEs are the OG of the OGs of NFTs & Crypto Art.

Paris Hilton Lists Her NFTs Using Sothebys Market

Im Oktober 19, just before bitcoin (BTC) surpassed its all-time price high, the media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, and actress Paris Hilton tweeted about her new listing in the Sothebys Metaverse NFT marketplace. “I love the amazing [artwork] for my [Natively Digital] @Sothebys @Sothebysverse Auction,” Hilton said on Twitter.

Hiltons NFT collection hosted on Sothebys Metaverse features artwork from Maalavidaa in a piece calledFractures.” Another piece by Serwah Attafuah calledAether: Galaxy Goddessand an NFT crafted by Chelsea Evenstar calledAQUARIUSKeeper of the Amethyst Star.”

The NFT auction listing on Sothebys market notes that Hilton developed her first NFT in March 2020, and she won theBest Charity NFTat the NFT Awards ceremony. “Paris sees the NFT art market as the future, and loves that artists are pushing boundaries and changing the art industry forever,” the Sothebys listing says. Es’s been known for a long time that Paris Hilton is a fan of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as she said this past spring that she is “sehr, very excitedabout bitcoin.

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