Goldman Sachs bietet Kryptowährungen, Metaverse, Digitalisierung auf seiner Homepage

Goldman Sachs Pushes Cryptocurrencies, Metaverse, and Digitization on Its Homepage

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has changed its homepage to feature cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and digitalization. “From cryptocurrencies to the metaverse, explore the megatrends that are reshaping economies,” Goldman Sachs’ landing page now says.

Goldman Sachs’ Homepage Now Features Crypto and Metaverse

Goldman Sachs has updated its homepage to feature digitalization, including cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. Die Bank’s landing page now reads:

From cryptocurrencies to the metaverse, explore the megatrends that are reshaping economies.

Below the above message is anExplore Topicbutton that leads to a bunch of resources Goldman has published on the metaverse, Netz 3.0, Kryptowährung, decentralized web, Blockchain, and other topics relating to the digital economy.

Many people on social media expressed their disbelief at Goldman Sachsmove to feature crypto and the metaverse above other topics on its homepage.

Several pointed out that the global investment bank has come a long way from its original assessment of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Im Mai 2020, Goldman Sachs said bitcoin was not an asset class.

The bank brought back its bitcoin trading desk in March last year and saw huge institutional demand für BTC. Im Mai, it formally established a cryptocurrency trading team and launched a derivatives trading desk for bitcoin. Goldman Sachs’ analysts said at the time that bitcoin is now considered an investable asset. In June last year, the bank expanded its cryptocurrency trading desk to include ether futures and options.

Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs executed its first over-the-counter (OTC) crypto transaction with Galaxy Digital. Im Januar, the banks analysts predicted that bitcoin could reach $100,000 as the cryptocurrency continues to take golds market share.

As for the metaverse, Goldman Sachs said in January that it sees the metaverse as an $8 trillion opportunity.

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