Dogentag damals und heute: Glanzloser Buzz wie der Preis von Dogecoin 65% Niedriger als letztes Jahr

Dogentag damals und heute: Lackluster Buzz as Dogecoin's Price Is 65% Niedriger als letztes Jahr

Während April 20 oder 420 ist gleichbedeutend mit Cannabiskultur, Der Tag wird ebenfalls berücksichtigt “Dogentag,” von einer großen Anzahl von Dogecoin-Unterstützern. Am Vortag auf Twitter, das Dogen-Netzwerk’s co-founder Billy Markus asked what people should expect on Doge Day and for dogecoins price action. 12 months ago dogecoin was swapping hands for $0.44 per unit on Doge Day and today the meme-based crypto asset is down 65.3% from that value.


Last Year During Doge Day, Dogecoin Was up 18,299% and Saw Fresh New Price Highs

Last year, the popular meme-token dogecoin (DOGE) saw phenomenal gains. Statistics show on April 16, 2021, DOGE was up 18,299% gegen die USA. dollar in 12 months and as April 20th, otherwise known as Doge Day approached, DOGE was awfully close to $0.50 pro Einheit. Der bisherige Jahresverlauf, metrics show DOGE is currently down 65.3% despite gaining 19.2% über die letzte 30 Tage. DOGE also reached an all-time high last year at $0.731 per unit on May 08, 2021, just after last years Doge Day. Since that day, DOGE has shed 80.7% im Wert gegenüber den USA. Dollar.

Doge Day in 2021 was a whole lot different for the meme token as dogecoin got a great deal of attention. Zum Beispiel, that month in April, the popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres talked about dogecoin with the Shark Tank co-star and billionaire investor Mark Cuban. One dogecoin investor told the press that month he became a millionaire in as little as two months. Another dogecoin investor donated her gains to a dog shelter in Florida after DOGE reached new price highs in April.

While 2022s Doge Day May Be Lackluster, Dogecoin Is Still a Top 20 Crypto Asset and the Largest Meme-Based Digital Currency Today

This year dogecoin markets and the hype surrounding the meme-based crypto have been extremely lackluster compared to last year. Im April 19, DOGE co-founder Billy Markus asked on Twitter: “[Question:] what should we expect on [Dogentag] for dogecoin price action tomorrow? [Answer]: nothing.Later in the day, Markus getwittert: “Happy Doge Day,” with a dog GIF animation. There were plenty of dogecoin fans that tweeted celebratory statements about Doge Day, but the days buildup was nothing like it was in 2021.

Dogecoin is still the largest meme-based crypto asset by market capitalization with $18.8 Milliarde. DOGE also commands the 12th largest market capitalization out of the 13,671 cryptocurrencies in existence today. It has also inspired a myriad of meme-based crypto assets which are currently worth $34.4 Milliarden heute. This included the top meme cryptos below dogecoins market cap such as shiba inu (SHIB), dogelon mars (ELON), baby doge coin (BABYDOGE), and floki inu (FLOKI).

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