Warren Buffett Likens Bitcoin to Gambling and Chain Letters in Recent Interview

Finance mogul Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in history, discussed bitcoin during an interview on CNBCs Squawk Box on April 12. As he has done in previous interviews, the business magnate likened bitcoin to a gambling scheme and

‘Panic of 2023’: James Corbett Explains How Bank Crisis Could Lead to CBDC ‘Nightmare of Total Monetary Control’

Investigative journalist James Corbett has recently referred to the ongoing global banking crisis involving SVB, Signaturbank, Credit Suisse and others as thePanic of 2023,drawing comparisons to what he views as historical precedents, and pointing ahead to an inevitable

Innovations Help to Substantially Reduce the Gap Between Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges — Dexalot COO

While centralized exchanges are thought to be safer and more efficient, proponents of decentralized platforms like Tim Shan insist that user experience on decentralized exchanges has improved. Zusätzlich, inherent benefits associated with decentralized exchanges such as the self-custody of assets

FTX and Alameda Research Collapse Sad Event but ‘Good for the Long Run’ Says DWF Labs Managing Partner

While the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX and its affiliate Alameda Research is thought to have left many crypto players, including market makers, in the worst possible position, according to Andrei Grachev, managing partner at DWF Labs, this incident may

Relying on Centralized Databases Makes Dapps Vulnerable to Data Tampering Says Nate Holiday

Decentralized applications (dapps) are prone to data tampering because theyare largely built on top of centralized databases and services,” the CEO of Space and Time Nate Holiday has said. The CEO also shared a list of data tampering risks which

‘Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Make Global Commerce Easy’ — Founder of Nigerian Crypto Exchange

Despite the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)’s Feb. 5, 2021 directive that instructed banks to block crypto entities from the financial system, the demand and use of cryptocurrencies have continued to grow. Not even the central bank’s subsequent crackdown on crypto

Snoop Dogg Associate tritt dem Gala Music Board bei, Death Row Records kommt dem Blockchain-Engagement näher

Nachdem der Rapstar Snoop Dogg im Februar Death Row Records übernommen hatte, Die Hip-Hop-Legende erklärte, dass er den Todestrakt in ein nicht fungibles Zeichen verwandeln würde (NFT) Label mit Blockchain-Technologie. Am Donnerstag, Schnüffler’Nick Adler, Brand Partnership Manager von s, trat bei…

Ron Paul besteht darauf, dass der Zusammenbruch der US-Wirtschaft kommen wird,Ex-Kongressabgeordneter sagt, Liquidation sei „absolut notwendig“

Erst kürzlich der amerikanische Autor, Ökonom, und der pensionierte Politiker Ron Paul diskutierten während eines Interviews die zunehmenden Spannungen zwischen China und Taiwan und er sprach über die USA. Wirtschaft ebenso. Paul besteht darauf, dass die USA. Wirtschaft’S “Zusammenbruch wird kommen,” und…

Krypto-Casinos sind „unmöglich zu manipulieren, weil das Spiel auf einer Blockchain gehostet wird“ – Online Casino Reviewer

Laut einem Gaming-Experten, Keane Ecclestone, Krypto-Casinos werden immer beliebter bei Wettern, die Wert auf Privatsphäre und Sicherheit legen. Einige halten Krypto-Casinos für riskanter als traditionelle Online-Glücksspielplattformen, Ecclestone believes bettors can play safely by choosing