Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency: The Rise of AI-Focused Projects in 2023

Trends show that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a major topic in 2023, as data indicates a surge in interest. Since interest peaked and Microsoft invested billions into Chatgpt, demand for AI-focused cryptocurrency projects has risen dramatically. Zum Beispiel, the crypto

Republik Irland verbietet politische Spenden in Kryptowährung

The government of Ireland is preparing to ban political parties from accepting campaign donations in cryptocurrency. The move aims to block the perceived threat of Russian interference in the European nations elections against the backdrop of a clash between the West

Blockchain-Firma Animoca Brands erhöht $358 Million zur Verbesserung von Web3 und Metaverse

Animoca Brands has announced the blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused firm has raised $358.8 million to bolster the non-fungible token (NFT) industry andbuild the open metaverse.The capital raise follows the firms previous $65 million and $138.88 million raises last year and