NFT Collection Veefriends Physical Collectibles to Debut at Macy’s and Toys’R’Us

In recent times, nicht fungible Token (NFTs) and their physical counterparts have started to debut at well known retail stores and luxury boutiques. Im Oktober 4, the NFT project called Veefriends revealed that the team is launching its limited edition series of

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NFT-Verkaufsanstieg 464% in 3 Monate, Mochi-Markt nähert sich 1 Milliarde US-Dollar, Kryptopunk #7804 Verkauft für $7.5M

The market history of non-fungible token (NFT) sales has been steadily expanding during the last three months, according to statistics from nonfungible.coms historical market data. NFT sales over the past three months have increased by 464% since June 27 und die…