Værdi låst i Defi Rebounds — Smart Contract Tokens CPH, LUNA, XCP fører flokken

Værdi låst i Defi Rebounds — Smart Contract Tokens CPH, LUNA, XCP fører flokken

The total value locked in decentralized finance (defi) has managed to jump above the $200 billion zone, as crypto markets have rebounded from the market downturn last week. A number of native assets from the $611 billion worth of smart contract protocols have seen double-digit gains with cypherium (CPH), counterparty (XCP), and terra (LUNA) leading the pack.

TVL in Defi Jumps Back Above $200 Milliard — Cypherium, Counterparty, Terra Rise

Crypto markets have recovered after initially dropping after Russia invaded Ukraine three days ago and the rebound has pushed defi value up as well. After falling beneath the $200 billion mark, den samlede værdi låst (TVL) in defi has jumped back above the zone to $200.94 milliard on February 27.

The TVL in defi across all the top blockchains hit a low of $185.9 billion on January 28 og det’s up 10.61% since that day. Curve dominance is 8.68% on Sunday with $17.86 billion total value locked but the defi protocols TVL is down 5.61% since last week.

Ethereum dominance, in terms of the TVL in defi today, er 55.94% with the current $112.36 billion TVL. Terra’s the second-largest blockchain TVL in defi on Sunday with $20.17 billion which is 10.04% of the TVL in defi.

The third-largest blockchain TVL in defi is Binance Smart Chain (BSC) med $12.13 billion locked. Defillama.com metrics show Chainlink is the largest defi oracle today securing 138 protocols with $52.66 billion locked.

In terms of smart contract coins, cypherium (CPH) was this weeks biggest gainer with a 330% gain. The smart contract coin, in terms of this weeks second-largest gains, is the old-school token counterparty (XCP). Counterparty has jumped 54% higher in value against the U.S. dollar during the last seven days.

Terra (LUNA) managed to spike by 52% this past week as the coin is the third-largest smart contract token gainer this week. I skrivende stund, the aggregate value of all the smart contract platform native tokens in existence is $611 billion down 0.3% in the last day.

Kategori, der’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta $23.63 billion TVL across cross-chain bridge platforms today up 16.6% since last week. The count of unique bridge deposit addresses during the last month is 57,911 adresser.

The top five blockchains in terms of cross-chain bridge TVL on Sunday, februar 27 include Avalanche, Polygon, fantom, Ronin, and Arbitrum. i øvrigt, data collected by Coin98 Analytics from Santiment angiver that Solana has the most active developer count as of February 19, 2022. Solana’s developer count is followed by Ethereum, Cardano, Polka prik, Kosmos, and Terra.

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