Den hurtige stigning i IXFI Exchange - Nu verdens største købskryptoplatform

PRESSEMEDDELELSE. Zurich, Schweiz, April 1st, 2023 – Since its launch at the end of 2021 by founders Cristian Andrei, Shailesh Rajput, and Alexandru Badoi, IXFI has attracted nearly 9 million unique visitors and over 350,000 active platform users. The IXFI app has ranked among the top 15 most downloaded finance mobile applications in Eastern Europe. This performance surpasses established industry competitors and solidifies the company’s position as a popular & trusted crypto trading platform but also recently the biggest buy crypto platform, now used in over 100 countries across five continents.

IXFI’s user-friendly platform empowers newcomers seeking to explore the world of digital assets, providing an intuitive and accessible experience. Ud over, the company has partnered with some of the most reputable partners, such as Simplex, Coinify, Banxa, Mercuryo, Swipelux and 6+ others, while continuously seeking to add new partners in the future. These strategic partnerships have solidified IXFI’s position as the dominant entity in the buy crypto market.

At the heart of IXFI’s success is a dedicated team of developers and marketing professionals who have worked tirelessly to bring the company’s vision to life. Among these talented individuals are Amit Verma, the on/off-ramp Product Lead; Vitap Makwana, the Partnerships Manager; and the compliance team, who oversee partner due diligence and compliance. Together, they contribute their unique skills and expertise to ensure that IXFI remains at the forefront of the industry.

As the Chief Product Officer, Shailesh Rajput, proudly states:

Driven by our pioneering technology and dedication to user experience, IXFI stands unrivaled as the premier choice for smooth crypto transactions. Our pursuit of innovation and excellence sets us apart, empowering users to navigate the crypto world with confidence and ease.

Industry experts predict that the buy crypto market, encompassing on and off-ramps and other aggregators, is poised for exponential growth in the next 4 til 5 flere år. As an already established leader, IXFI is well-positioned to capitalize on the market’s immense potential and continue its upward trajectory.

IXFI’s innovative platform offers an array of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of crypto enthusiasts. Among these are IXFI’s exchange platform, which allows users to easily store and trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies, IXFI’s Rewards Program, which provides a learning and rewarding experience to onboarding users, and IXFI’s Steps Program, which is an innovative way of transforming a healthy lifestyle into digital rewards.

In the mobile apps found on Apple Store and Google Play, as well as on the web platform, users can trade more than 350 cryptocurrencies with a total of 1150 trading pairs. The platform’s creators have developed a safe, approachable, and easy-to-navigate interface that accommodates novice and seasoned traders, ultimately aiming to contribute to the mass adoption of digital currencies.

IXFI’s meteoric rise and buy crypto coverage are made possible by its extensive reach for over 93 fiat-valutaer, access to 180+ lande, and a staggering 115+ cryptocurrencies available.

In the near future, IXFI plans to expand the accessibility of its buy crypto feature to cater to a wider range of B2B clients, specifically targeting crypto projects seeking comprehensive on/off ramp coverage for their users. This will be achieved by allowing seamless integration of all partners through a convenient widget, eliminating the need for managing multiple separate contracts and streamlining the process for an enhanced experience.

I øjeblikket, features allow for direct and automated trading based on real-time data and reports on the IXFI platform. Users can choose from spot trading, crypto swapping, and conversion functions, with the option to purchase crypto using a credit or debit card. In addition to offering a high level of security, IXFI provides 24/7 user assistance through a dedicated support team.

To explore the world of IXFI and its revolutionary services, visit Experience the difference between seamless and secure crypto transactions with IXFI, the ultimate gateway to a simplified and efficient digital currency experience. For more information or to contact the IXFI team, don’t hesitate to email


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