Ingen skatteamnesti for russiske kryptominearbejdere, da lovgivere trækker forslag tilbage

Et nyt lovudkast har erstattet et tidligere lovforslag, der indfører en etårig skat og toldamnesti for cryptocurrency minearbejdere i Rusland. The initial proposal has been withdrawn on the grounds that the tax break would have resulted in losses for the

Lovforslag om NFT'er indsendt til det russiske parlament

Lawmakers have filed a bill with the State Duma aimed at introducing the term NFTs to Russian legislation. The authors of the draft say the rights of those who own non-fungible tokens need to be protected as Russians are currently dealing

Udkast til lov, der regulerer aspekter af kryptobeskatning, forelagt det russiske parlament

Et lovforslag, der opdaterer Rusland’s skattelov for at inkorporere bestemmelser vedrørende kryptovalutaer er blevet indgivet til statsdumaen, parlamentets underhus. Lovgivningen er skræddersyet til at regulere beskatningen af ​​salg og fortjeneste i landet’s market for

Rusland vedtager lov, der tillader staten at beslaglægge ulovlige midler, Digitale aktiver fra embedsmænd

The State Duma of Russia, parlamentets underhus, has passed a law permitting law enforcement authorities to seek confiscation of illegally obtained funds from government officials, including cryptocurrency. The state may attempt to seize the assets through court if

Kryptoforbud i Rusland kan have modsat effekt, Medvedev advarer, mens oppositionen rejser sig mod forslag

Dmitry Medvedev, former president and prime minister of Russia, has voiced his concerns over Bank of Russias initiative to ban most crypto operations. Prohibition could bring the opposite result, the Russian politician warned, joining a chorus of opinions against the restrictive

Den russiske regering udarbejder en køreplan for regulering, Ikke forbyd krypto, Rapport afsløres

A roadmap on cryptocurrencies has been prepared by a number of ministries, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies, Russian media reported. Dokumentet, which aims to regulate Russias crypto market by the end of this year, comes amid disagreements between the

Bank of Russia ønsker at begrænse kryptoinvesteringer ved at blokere kortbetalinger, Rapport afslører

The Central Bank of Russia is currently reviewing various ways to prevent Russians from investing in cryptocurrency. One the options on the table is to block card payments to certain recipients such as crypto exchanges, a media report has unveiled. EN…

Ruslands føderationsråd nedsætter en arbejdsgruppe om kryptoregler

The Federation Council of the Russian legislature is forming a working group expected to propose comprehensive regulations for cryptocurrencies. Officials from several ministries and government agencies, as well as members of the countrys expanding crypto industry, will join the body. Federation

Russiske embedsmænd tilbage idé om at anerkende kryptominearbejdere som iværksættere

Cryptocurrency mining should be recognized as an entrepreneurial activity under Russian law and taxed accordingly, representatives of key ministries in Moscow and the parliament have indicated. Officials believe the regulatory move would benefit both the state and the crypto industry. Russian

Det russiske parlament skal overveje restriktioner for ikke-kvalificerede krypto-investorer

Cryptocurrency can be quite complicated for some and lawmakers in Russia think they need to contemplate restrictions for private investors. According to a high-ranking representative of the legislature, the Russian parliament needs to provide them withmaximum protectionagainst the risks….