Central Bank of Argentina udsteder nyt 2,000 Pesoregning, da inflationen fortsætter med at stige

The Central Bank of Argentina has announced the issuance of a new 2,000 peso bill, aimed at easing the burden of using cash for payments in the country. The bill, which will have a value of a little more than $5

Venezuelan Banking Watchdog til at overvåge kryptotransaktioner for at bevare valutastabilitet

Sudeban, the Venezuelan banking watchdog, is currently working on a mechanism to review crypto-related transactions in real-time to control the influence these have on the stability of the exchange market. Analysts have recently linked the situation in peer-to-peer (P2P) kryptomarkeder…

Argentinsk peso bryder historisk lavt mærke, da argentinerne afdækker besparelser i dollars

The U.S dollar-Argentine peso exchange rate escalated during December, with the Argentine fiat currency reaching new historic lows as citizens ran to exchange their holiday payments for dollars. USA. dollar reached a value of 356 pesos on December 28, losing