Ukrainsk apotekskæde introducerer betalinger med kryptovaluta

A major Ukrainian chain of pharmacies has started accepting cryptocurrency through Binance Pay. The new payment method will be available online, according to the company, which operates hundreds of drugstores across the war-torn Eastern European nation. Pharmacy Offers Ukrainians Option to

Russiske it-firmaer lobbyer for kryptobetalinger i softwareeksport

Companies developing software solutions for foreign customers are urging Russian authorities to allow them to accept crypto payments. The proposal is part of a package of measures aimed at supporting IT exports suggested by an industry organization to the executive power

Crypto Payments Firm Bitpay tilføjer MATIC Support, Panini America vil acceptere polygonbetalinger

Bitcoin and crypto payment services provider Bitpay has announced that the company now supports the Polygon (MATIC) netværk. According to the firm, Bitpay app users will be able to store, handle, and spend MATIC later this week, and the collectibles company

Erdogan foreslår tyrkisk-russisk betalingssystem, Lokale medier rapporterer

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is reportedly pushing for Turkey and Russia to establish a new payment system between them. The initiative comes amid U.S. pressure against the use of the Russian Mir cards in Turkey. Some Turkish banks have been

Bank of Russia for at fremme digital rubel i udenrigshandel, da finansministeriet presser på for kryptomulighed

Days after the two institutions agreed on the need for cross-border crypto payments, the finance ministry and the central bank of Russia are once again highlighting their different priorities. While the treasury department aims for legalizing cryptocurrency payments in the coming

Rusland kan ikke undvære grænseoverskridende kryptobetalinger, Konsensus nået

Key government institutions have agreed that Russia needs to legalize crypto payments for international settlements. The proposal has been gaining support in the past few months since Moscows decision to invade Ukraine was met with wave after wave of Western sanctions….

Whitepay introducerer kryptobetalinger til Ukraines tekniske butikker

Ukrainere vil være i stand til at købe elektronik og andre produkter med digitale mønter takket være en service leveret af Whitepay. Betalingsbehandleren, etableret af den ukrainsk-fødte digitale aktivbørs Whitebit, har for nylig implementeret kryptobetalinger i landet’s largest tech

Førende europæiske dækfornyer Vaculug til at acceptere kryptobetalinger

Vaculug, en britisk virksomhed, der brander sig som Europa’s største uafhængige dæk regummierer, vil nu acceptere kryptovalutaer for sine produkter og tjenester. Its management says the business must move with the times and offer customers more options than pounds and pence….

Deloitte undersøgelse: 85% af handlende siger, at aktivering af kryptobetalinger har høj prioritet

A survey conducted by Deloitte in collaboration with PayPal found that over 85% of merchantsare giving high or very high priority to enabling cryptocurrency payments.” Ud over, “nearly three-quarters of those surveyed reported plans to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin

Den canadiske musiker Grimes afslører 'Intergalactic Children's Metaverse Book' på Avalanche Summit

The Italian luxury brand Michele Franzese Moda has announced the firm is accepting crypto assets for payments. The company revealed the decision via Michele Franzese Modas online magazine in an article calledIts Time for Crypto.Italian luxury Brand Michele Franzese