Stablecoin-økonomien fortsætter med at ballonere, når USDC's markedsværdi krydser $50 Milliard

Som hele partiet af 12,333 digitale valutaer svæver lige over $1.8 billioner i værdi, stablecoin-økonomien er på det seneste svulmet op til $178.8 milliard eller 9.9% af hele kryptoøkonomien. Ud af de fem bedste stablecoins, usd mønt (USDC) saw its market capitalization jump the most, increasing 18.9% under det sidste 30 dage. Det 18.9% increase has pushed USDCs market capitalization above the $50 billion mark.


USDC Market Cap Rises Above $50 Milliard, Stablecoin Represents 2.83% of the Crypto Economys USD Value

Stablecoins continue to grow in 2022, as numerous fiat-pegged token projects have seen their issuance levels increase during the first month of the year. I skrivende stund, the USD value of all the stablecoins today is $178.8 milliard.

Tether (USDT) is the largest stablecoin project in terms of market capitalization, with a valuation of around $78.5 milliard. USDTs overall valuation represents 4.34% af hele kryptoøkonomien’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta $1.8 billioner. Tether, imidlertid, saw no growth during the last month as the overall valuation has remained static.

USDC, on the other hand, has grown 18.9% over the last 30 days and the market valuation is now over $50 milliard. USDC’s market capitalization is 2.83% af hele kryptoøkonomien’s USD value.

Both USDT and USDC combined represent 7.17% of the fiat value of all the coins in existence today. While these caps are much smaller than bitcoin’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta (BTC) 39.2% dominance and ethereum’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta (ETH) 17.7% dominance, they still represent the third and fifth largest crypto valuations.

Stablecoin FRAX Grew More Than 36% Last Month

I mellemtiden, out of the top five stablecoins by market cap, the third-largest USD-pegged token, BUSD, saw its capitalization increase by 12.7% til $16.2 billion this month. Terra’s stablecoin UST increased by 9.8% til $11.3 milliarder i 30 dage.

Makerdao’s DAI saw its $9.2 billion market capitalization increase by 1.1% this past month. The Avalanche-based magic internet money (MIM) saw its $2.8 billion valuation slide 37.2% lower than it was last month. The seventh, eighth, and ninth-largest stablecoin markets saw their market caps rise.

The seventh-largest USD-pegged coin frax (FRAX) has a market capitalization of $2.6 billion which has increased 36.2% during the last month. Trueusd’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta (TUSD) cap spiked 17.7%, and pax dollar (USDP) rose by 3.3% over the last 30 dage.

The tenth-largest stablecoin, fei usd (FEI), has decreased by 26.3% this past month. Both FRAX and USDC saw the largest increases last month.

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