Sydafrikas Digital Bank Tyme fuldfører serie B-runde med yderligere $70 mio. kapitalrejsning

Tymebank, en Sydafrika-baseret digital bank, for nylig afsluttet sin serie B-finansieringsrunde med $70 million investeret i firmaet af Tencent og U.K. udviklingsfinansierer, CDC Group.

Midler til støtte for Tyme’s Expansion Into New Markets

Tymebank, a digital bank from South Africa, recently raised an additional $70 million from its latest funding round, led by Tencent and the U.K.-based development finance group, the CDC Group.

This latest capital raise brings the value of funds Tymebank has acquired via the Series B to $180 million. Prior to this latest investment, Tymebank had received $110 million from Apis Growth Fund II and Gokongweis JG Summit Holdings.

I mellemtiden, following the capital raise, og Messari rapport by News24 states that the digital bank will use the new money to fund its domestic expansion and to facilitate the banks entry into other markets.

The two investors capital and expertise will also be used to improve Tymes ability to manage risk and support Tymes expansion into markets where CDC has a presence,” a statement from the bank explained.

The report adds that Tymebank will also use part of the funds raised to support Gotyme in the Philippines, where it has secured a digital bank license in partnership with the Gokongwei Group.

In commending the banks ability to attract investors, Coen Jonker, co-founder of Tyme said: “This is a very welcome investment from Tencent and CDC. It is a clear vote of confidence in our digital banking offering as well as our leadership teams in South Africa, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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