Beskyt dig selv med Sim Encriptados, Rejs til More Than 200 lande, og kommunikere med sikkerhed

PRESSEMEDDELELSE. When people talk about technology, the first thoughts are cell phones, applications, or equipment; but you rarely recall Sim Cards. Those small cards people often despise, thinking that they are only chips that you use to call or have data.

Contrary to this, Sim Cards store much more information than you imagine, storing in addition to your number, contact information, chats, photos, and even financial data. Bet you didn’t know that. This is why Sim Cards have become one of the favorite targets of cybercriminals because, by squeezing them, they will be able to obtain sensitive information with which they will commit a large number of computer crimes.

Faced with this situation, today people have begun to see a new trend in communications that assure privacy, security, and anonymity, it is about Encrypted Sim Cards.

What is an Encrypted Sim Card?

An Encrypted Sim Card is an ultra-secure chip built with state-of-the-art technology and protocols based on cybersecurity, seeking to offer security, tillid, anonymity, and privacy. Thanks to its technology, you will not be able to be located, intervened, and hacked since all the information on your device will be protected and far from the reach of any malicious third party.

What are the differences between Standard Sim Cards versus Encrypted Sim Cards?

The first big difference lies in the calls. When you make a call with a regular Sim, this one creates a direct connection between the caller and the person who answers; which makes it easier for the signal to be picked up and intercepted by third parties. When making the call with an Encrypted Sim Card, the signal travels to the service provider server to the secure one, where it is protected before reaching the recipient. This makes it impossible to intercept the call. Derudover, Encrypted Sim Cards allow you to create random numbers for each call.

Another difference is that the Encrypted Sim Cards come with the IMEI/IMSI concealment system, unlike a standard Sim; which are the identity codes of the cell phone and the Sim. By hiding them, makes it impossible to associate the Sim to a mobile device; making it impossible to obtain personal data or access location services.

Derudover, Encrypted Sim Cards work almost everywhere in the world for very similar rates, so it is not necessary to obtain new cards in each country, which facilitates travel and the flow of communication with your family, friends, or colleagues.

A significant item to highlight is the freedom that you have with an Encrypted Sim Card. Since you will be the one who puts together the package; without the need for contracts, plans, or cut-off dates. You will have lifetime data that you will be able to consume as you need it.

Finally, an aspect to highlight is the difference between the providers of these services and conventional mobile phone operators. The last one will request personal data, contract signatures, and data policies, then your information may be used for commercial purposes, offered to third parties, and where the same company may have access to your data traffic and call history. On the other hand, the service providers of Encrypted Sim Cards do not request any type of document, personal data, or contract at the time of purchase, this offers complete security for the client.

In conclusion, having an Encrypted Sim Card is synonymous with protection and privacy.

Sim Encriptados, a sim that turns you into a ghost on the web and allows you to communicate in more than 200 lande

Det Sim Encriptados is one of the best Encrypted Sim Cards on the market that is offered by the international company, an expert company in secure communications. Ud over, having the best encrypted cell phone brands in the world, and encrypted applications centered the ground for them to launch their Encrypted Sim. That offers excellent features and quite affordable prices for any individual or organization.

Det Sim Encriptados works in more than 200 countries around the world without being able to be located, intervened, or hacked. It is compatible with any Android, IOS, Windows, or BlackBerry device, just install it to start enjoying all its benefits.

You can buy it with your favorite means of payment, inklusive kryptovalutaer, and recharge it from wherever you are easily and quickly. While you are using it, the balance never expires, so you will be able to take as long as you want to consume your Sim’s resources, without worrying about contracts or cut-off dates.

Are you interested in improving the cybersecurity of your devices, protecting your transactions, and becoming a ghost on the network? Then you must have the Sim Encriptados.



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