Nyt eksklusivt spilleautomat - 'Bitcoin Rocket' åbent til spil med en $10,000 Turnering

Bitcoin-Tidings.com releases Bitcoin Rocketan extremely fun exclusive slot game playable only on games.bitcoin.com!

🚀New high-octane slot game with amazing visuals and retro music🚀

Bitcoin’s rocket to the moon is the single most identifiable meme in the cryptocurrency universe. Så, it was only natural that our very own premium gaming portal Bitcoin-Tidings.com Games would release a title that embodies this meme. Bitcoin Rocketthe newest exclusive slot game from the casino, promises an engaging experience for crypto enthusiasts and guarantees a level of thrill never before felt in the realm of online casinos.

Det Bitcoin Rocket slot enacts the possibility of Bitcoin going to the proverbial moon with elements such as an astronaut representing a cryptohodler’, the rocket itself as a vehicle of price gain, and the moon acting as the target price speculated by the crypto holding astronaut. The game also features its own Progressive Jackpot which often gets very big, very fastcurrently worth 25 BTC, as it grows with each bet any player makes on the slot.

Bitcoin Rocket has a progressive jackpot that is currently worth 25 BTC!

Bitcoin-Tidings.com Games has also launched 4 weekly tournaments with a total prize pool of $8,000 to reward players who bet the most on Bitcoin Rocket during the promotional period. At the end of the promotion, og Messari $2,000 raffle will dish out cash prizes to 10 lucky players who were successful in securing a position on any of the 4 weekly leaderboards.

The launch of this newest exclusive slot game by Bitcoin-Tidings.com presents an excitingly rewarding opportunity for you to play Bitcoin Rocket to your hearts content. Ialt 50 players are set to receive cash prizes throughout the duration of the promotion, and you could easily be one of them to secure a lions share of the $10,000 cash loot!

Bitcoin-Tidings.com Games has been growing in popularity ever since its inception earlier in 2016. The premium gaming platform offers high-quality games combined with a smooth user experience and has quickly become one of the most popular crypto casinos to gamble on with BTC & BCH.

Det Bitcoin Rocket slot game is now available to play exclusively on Bitcoin-Tidings.com Games.

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