Tysk Crypto Exchange Nuri-filer for insolvens

Kryptovalutabørs Nuri har indgivet en ansøgning om insolvens, reportedly becoming Germany’s first fintech to take the step in a challenging year for startups in the industry. Customer access to the platform’s services and their funds will not be affected, the company assured.

Crypto Exchange Cites ‘Lasting Strain on Liquidity’ as Reason for Insolvency Filing

Berlin-based crypto exchange Nuri, formerly Bitwala, has filed for bankruptcy with a court in the German capital. The company made the move on Tuesday, aug. 9, after unsuccessful attempts to secure a new financing round, the business newspaper Handelsblatt reported, noting that Nuri is the first German fintech to file for insolvency due to the latest crypto market slump.

In a statement, the exchange remarked that 2022 has been a challenging year for startups, especially those working with financial technologies, due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, political uncertainties and most recently, Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Ud over, negative developments in the crypto space, including major sell-offs, the implosion of the Terra/Luna protocol, and the insolvency of Celsius and other crypto funds have led to a bear market, Nuri said, explaining:

We proceeded with the filling in due time to stay ahead of a lasting strain on the liquidity of our business.

Nuri Clients to Deposit and Withdraw Without Restrictions

The coin trading platform insisted that the filing will not affect its products and services, clients’ funds or investments. Customers will continue to have unimpeded access to their accounts and be able to deposit or withdraw all funds at any time, thanks to a partnership with Solarisbank. This applies to both cryptocurrency holdings and euro deposits.

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The crypto exchange also emphasized it remains confident that the temporary insolvency proceedings offer a basis for developing and implementing a long-term restructuring plan. Nuri launched in 2015 and for a few years, until the rebranding in 2021, operated under the name Bitwala.

“This step became necessary to ensure the safest path forward for all our customers,” the company reiterated, and promised its team will do everything possible to ensure that its products and services continue to serve present and future customers.

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