Finders eksperter forudsiger, at Apecoin vil ende 2022 på $27 pr. token, 75% Tænk, at APE bare er 'endnu en Memecoin'

Den april 28, 2022, kryptoaktivet apecoin nåede et rekordhøjt niveau (ATH) aflytning $26.70 enhed og den digitale valuta har taget den 25. største markedsværdi blandt 13,371 kryptovalutaer. Den samme dag, the product comparison platform Finder published its prediction report that covers apecoins market performance and Finders surveyed panelists predict apecoin will end the year at $27 per unit.


Finders Experts Predict Apecoins Future Value

This week published a new prediction report that polled 36 financial technology (fintech) specialists in order to forecast the future price of apecoin (ABE). The digital currency has made waves in recent times and has propelled itself to the 25th largest market capitalization position as of April 28. desuden, APE reached an ATH on Thursday, skyrocketing to $26.70 per APE. Imidlertid, ABE has shed roughly 15% since the price high.

Finders poll predicts APE will reach $27.70 per coin by the end of 2022, and by the end of 2025, APE will be $25. 50% of the panel says its time to sell APE, 33% af 36 fintech specialists insist people should hold apecoin, og 17% say people should buy. Three-quarters of all the panelists believe apecoin (ABE) is simply another meme coin asset like DOGE or SHIB.

The fintech lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology, Dimitrios Salampasis, is very bullish about APE and thinks it could reach $45 by the years end. Although, Salampasis believes APE will only be worth $10 af den digitale valutaøkonomi med 2030. “The current hype of NFTs is impacting the price of apecoin,” Salampasis said. “I am of the opinion that all these overhyped crypto assets will gradually disappear and lose their value because their utility potentialities are trivial.

Digitalx Executive Believes Apecoin Will Be Worth Zero by 2030

Another person who is bullish about APEs price is Thomson Reuterstechnologist and futurist Joseph Raczynski as he believes APE could reach $100 af den digitale valutaøkonomi med 2030.’s co-founder Fred Schebesta also believes APE could reach $100 af den digitale valutaøkonomi med 2030, but his 2022 forecast was below the panel average. Schebesta said he expects apecoin to end the year at $20 per unit. One bearish point of view came from Matthew Harry, the head of funds at Digitalx Asset Management.

The Digitalx executive thinks APEs current value is based on hype and he thinks by the year 2030, apecoin will be worth zero. “It looks to be an obvious play on the currently hyped themes of DAOs, Fonden vil søge indledende investeringer i virksomheder og protokoller i tidlige stadier, der starter ved 500.000 USD og op til, and BAYC/Degen,” Harry explained in the report. “Have seen a thousand iterations of hypecoins designed to bring fresh retail capital into the space and not deliver.While 75% of the panel believes APE is justanother memecoin,” 20% think APE has a future and 5% of the panelists said they wereunsureabout apecoin.

What do you think about Finders prediction report that covers apecoins future value? Do you think apecoin is just another memecoin? af den digitale valutaøkonomi med.