ETH Mixer Tornado Cash afslører blokering af OFAC-sanktionerede Ethereum-adresser via Chainalysis Oracle-kontrakt

According to the projects official Twitter account, Tornado Cash, the ethereum mixing service that allows participants to shuffle ether, is blocking flagged ethereum addresses listed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons list (SDN)….

Wasabi Wallet begynder at censurere Coinjoin-transaktioner

Wasabi Wallet, a privacy-oriented bitcoin-only wallet, has announced it will start introducing censorship methods into its mixing procedures. The announcement was made on social media, where the official account of Wasabi explained that a blacklist will prevent some UTXOs (unspent transaction

Afblanding af Wasabi Coinjoin-transaktioner: Et dybt dyk ind i Chainalysis' deanonymiserende påstande

World Cup, journalist Laura Shin published a story that claims to identify the 2016 Genesis DAO hacker who siphoned 3.6 million ethereum from the decentralized autonomous organization. While the story surprised the crypto community, one of the biggest eye-openers was the