Gamefi-projektet Oasys sigter mod at vokse Blockchain-spil i Japan gennem YGG-partnerskab

Oasys, a gaming-oriented, Japan-based Web3 project, is partnering with YGG, a blockchain gaming guild, to grow blockchain gaming in Japan. The partnership encompasses the use of YGG resources to promote gaming projects built on top of the Oasys ecosystem, giving developers

Ubisoft Executive mener, at spillere afviser NFT'er, fordi de ikke forstår fordelene

Nicolas Pouard, an executive at Ubisoft, one of the leading videogame companies in the entertainment world, has issued his take on the backlash from gamers regarding the inclusion of NFTs in traditional franchises. The VP at Ubisofts Strategic Innovations Lab stated

Konamis Castlevania Anniversary NFT-udsalg rejser over $160.000

Konami, a Japanese game developer and software publisher, raised more than $160K in its first foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) scene. This was the result of an NFT auction related to the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, one of its most

Sega kan muligvis droppe NFT-eksperimenter, hvis de opfattes af spillere som et pengegreb

Sega, a leading videogame development company, has announced its new stance when it comes to the play-to-earn model and the inclusion of NFTs in its games. In the latest management meeting of the company, which happened on December 24th, Sega CEO

Spiludviklere GSC Game World og Ubisoft Face Backlash Om NFT-inkludering

GSC Game World and Ubisoft, two game development companies, are dealing with backlash about the inclusion of NFT elements in some of their games. While GSC Game Worlddeveloper of the popular Stalker gaming franchisehas abandoned its plans

Videospilsgiganten Ubisoft lancerer NFT-platform, Softwarefirmaets Blockchain-Tech kører på Tezos

The French video game manufacturer based in Montreuil, Ubisoft Entertainment SA, has announced the company has launched a blockchain-based platform called Ubisoft Quartz. Ifølge virksomheden, the platform will enhance specific games with playable and energy-efficient non-fungible token (NFT) assets….

Gaming-giganten Ubisoft nævner Blockchain i den seneste indtjeningsrapport

Ubisoft, one of the biggest gaming companies in the entertainment world, mentioned blockchain as one of the key points of focus for the future of the brand. The company said it is exploring blockchain as an innovative technology to be included