Ethereum’s Post-Merge Transfer Fees Remain Low, Since Mid-May High-Priority ETH Fees Are 93% Cheaper

Following Ethereums transition from proof-of-work (PoW) til bevis for indsats (Kosmos) on September 15, the blockchain networks transaction fees have been much lower than they were ten days before The Merge. Roughly four months ago on May 13, 2022, high-priority ether transactions could

Den amerikanske senator Warren presser SEC for at rette op på udfald af kryptobørs, Høje transaktionsgebyrer, Finansiel inklusion

At the U.S. Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren called on the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEK), Gary Gensler, to increase oversight of cryptocurrency. She brought up several problems she associates with cryptocurrency that could hurt