Kombinerede transaktioner på arbitrum og optimisme L2-kæder overgår Ethereums daglige overførselstal

Since The Merge, Ethereum’s onchain fees have been considerably lower. Imidlertid, combined transaction volume on layer two (L2) chains Arbitrum and Optimism has outpaced Ethereums onchain transaction output. On Saturday, Jan. 14, 2023, Ethereum processed 1.10 million onchain transactions, while combined

Bank køber Bitcoin i Kasakhstan, Land til udvikling af kryptoudveksling

A financial institution and a coin trading platform in Kazakhstan have teamed up to carry out what they say is the countrys first such joint transaction for the acquisition of cryptocurrency. I mellemtiden, Kasakhstan’s leadership has declared readiness to further develop crypto

Ethereums overførselsgebyrer efter fusion forbliver lave, Siden midten af ​​maj er ETH-gebyrer med høj prioritet 93% Billigere

Following Ethereums transition from proof-of-work (PoW) til bevis for indsats (Kosmos) on September 15, the blockchain networks transaction fees have been much lower than they were ten days before The Merge. Roughly four months ago on May 13, 2022, high-priority ether transactions could