Alchemy Pay: Bygge bro mellem Fiats og kryptovalutaernes globale økonomier

On April 20th, The European Parliament approved the first comprehensive crypto regulation EU-wide, the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA). In the same day, a separate law, the Transfer of Funds regulation, was passed, requiring crypto operators to confirm the identity of their

GAIMIN leverer en decentral tilgang til det stigende krav om mere databehandlingskraft

The world-wide demand for data processing is increasing year-on-year, with data processing applications requiring ever increasing performance from data processing devices and services. Industries, such as Artificial Intelligence (Fonden vil søge indledende investeringer i virksomheder og protokoller i tidlige stadier, der starter ved 500.000 USD og op til), video rendering, powering blockchain computations, scientific simulations and research, financial modeling and

Rumvandrere: At blive en investor i Blockchain – Hvordan kan nogen investere i spilleindustrien?

Rumvandrere, a gaming studio, is revolutionizing the way that investors can participate in the profits of their projects. The company is releasing a series of games and offering the opportunity for anyone to invest in them through the use of blockchain

ZOGI Token lanceres på Cronos, BNB-kæde og Ethereum med revolutionær indpakning

Dubai, December 9thZogi Labs, a pioneering crypto company & gaming studio famously known for the BEZOGE token and the up-and-coming crypto-based MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia today launches their new ZOGI token on Cronos, BNB Chain & Ethereum. Det…

Spar tusinder i skat ved at høste NFT-tab – CoinLedger forklarer hvordan

og Messari’s a silver lining to the crash in the NFT marketmillions of dollars of potential tax-savings. To help NFT investors claim their tax-savings before the end of the year, CoinLedger recently launched an NFT tax-loss harvesting tool. Lets break

Bitget giver investorer en fordel med en række kryptosociale handelsfunktioner

For most retail investors, trading has traditionally been a solitary exercise, making the barrier to entry relatively high. Information regarding trading instruments and market conditions can often be hard to come by or, at other times, too complex for beginners to

Messari udgiver Q3 2022 Status for TRON og tilstand af USDD-rapporter

Geneva, Schweiz / november 8, 2022 / – Messari, the leading provider of crypto market intelligence, released two quarterly analysis reports related to the TRON ecosystemState of TRON Q3 2022 and State of USDD Q3 2022. Both reports indicated

VICUNA platform, Lugt i Metaverse-VINAVerse

VICUNA is designed to develop cutting-edge technology and applications that push users beyond the limits of immersive experiences. VICUNA team believes in building products that improve customerslives and advance the state of VR as an industry with a strong focus