$540 Millioner værd af 'sovende Bitcoins' fra 2014 Flyt — BTC muligvis knyttet til Cryptsy Theft

marts 29, blockchain parsers caught a sequence of 11 transactions totaling 11,325 bitcoin moving from unknown wallets created in 2014, to a great number of recipient addresses. desuden, the stash of bitcoin worth $540 million today is possibly linked to

13,000 BTC er flyttet ind 20 måneder - 2010 Mystery Miner overfører en anden streng af 20 Årti gamle blokbelønninger

Two days ago on November 10, a mystery whale transferred 20 block rewards from 2010, which saw the movement of 1,000 decade-old bitcoins worth $68 million at the time of transfer. Two days later on November 12, the miner from 2010

Fra $4 til Over $3.1 Millioner — minearbejderoverførsler 50 'Sleeping Bitcoin' Efter BTC Sat inaktiv for 11 Flere år

I oktober 22 på 4:52 p.m. (EDT), a miner that acquired 50 bitcoin on May 17, 2010, spent the funds that sat idle for 11 years and five months. There hasnt been a 2010 block reward spent in three months and