Bank of Russia to Promote Digital Ruble in Foreign Trade as Finance Ministry Pushes for Crypto Option

Days after the two institutions agreed on the need for cross-border crypto payments, the finance ministry and the central bank of Russia are once again highlighting their different priorities. While the treasury department aims for legalizing cryptocurrency payments in the coming

Bank of Russia vil pilotere digitale rubelafregninger 2023

Rusland’s monetary authority intends to conduct the first settlements with the digital ruble next year, its governor announced this week. Speaking to Russian lawmakers, the official highlighted the important role the new currency is going to play for Russia under sanctions….

Det russiske handelskammer foreslår at bruge kryptovalutaer i bosættelser med Afrika

Employing crypto in cross-border payments is one of the proposals put forward by the Russian Chamber Of Commerce lobbying for more cooperation with African countries. Amid unprecedented sanctions limiting Russias ability to trade internationally, the head of the board has urged

Frankrigs centralbanker, Schweiz og BIS fuldfører grænseoverskridende CBDC-forsøg

Bank of France, den schweiziske nationalbank (SNB), og Bank for International Settlements har med succes testet anvendelsen af ​​engros centralbanks digital valuta ved grænseoverskridende betalinger. The project used distributed ledger technology and was realized with help from private

Rusland overvejer delvist at erstatte dollarreserver med digitale aktiver i fremtiden

Amid ongoing sanctions, the government of Russia has been working to limit the countrys dependence on the U.S. dollar. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs now says its possible to partially replace the greenback in currency reserves and trade settlements with other