Onchain-forskere opdager $63 millioner i Ethereum fra Harmony Bridge Attack Moved, Hackere forsøger at hvidvaske midler på større børser

On Jan. 15, 2023, onchain researchers discovered that funds stolen during the Harmony bridge attack had been moved. The suspected thieves, who are allegedly associated with the North Korean hacking syndicate Lazarus Group, moved 41,000 ethereum, worth $63.2 million at current

ETH Mixer Tornado Cash afslører blokering af OFAC-sanktionerede Ethereum-adresser via Chainalysis Oracle-kontrakt

According to the projects official Twitter account, Tornado Cash, the ethereum mixing service that allows participants to shuffle ether, is blocking flagged ethereum addresses listed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons list (SDN)….

Axie Infinity taber $620 Million efter hacker kompromitterede Ronin Validators

According to Sky Mavis, the creators of the blockchain NFT game Axie Infinity, the Ronin network has been attacked, and a hacker has managed to siphon 173,600 in ethereum and 25.5 million usd coin (USDC). The attacker has obtained roughly $620