Ingen skatteamnesti for russiske kryptominearbejdere, da lovgivere trækker forslag tilbage

Et nyt lovudkast har erstattet et tidligere lovforslag, der indfører en etårig skat og toldamnesti for cryptocurrency minearbejdere i Rusland. The initial proposal has been withdrawn on the grounds that the tax break would have resulted in losses for the

Kryptoforbud i Rusland kan have modsat effekt, Medvedev advarer, mens oppositionen rejser sig mod forslag

Dmitry Medvedev, former president and prime minister of Russia, has voiced his concerns over Bank of Russias initiative to ban most crypto operations. Prohibition could bring the opposite result, the Russian politician warned, joining a chorus of opinions against the restrictive

Det russiske parlament skal overveje restriktioner for ikke-kvalificerede krypto-investorer

Cryptocurrency can be quite complicated for some and lawmakers in Russia think they need to contemplate restrictions for private investors. According to a high-ranking representative of the legislature, the Russian parliament needs to provide them withmaximum protectionagainst the risks….

Kryptominedrift bør registreres og beskattes i Rusland, Det siger formand for finansmarkedsudvalget

Cryptocurrency mining should be registered as entrepreneurial activity and taxed as such, ifølge Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of Russias parliamentary Financial Market Committee. The lawmaker also thinks Russian digital currency regulations need refinement. Amendments Likely to Affect Mining, Beskatning, Definition of