Binance CEO Sees No Threat to Crypto From Central Bank Digital Currencies — Says CBDCs Will Validate Blockchain Concept

The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance does not see central bank digital currencies (CBDC'er) as a threat to cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and ether. “It will validate the blockchain concept so that anybody who still has concerns about the technology will say:…

Binance CEO siger Exchange Recovered $450 Million From the Curve Finance Attack

Efter det nylige Curve Finance-angreb, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao meddelte, at børsen var kommet sig $450 millioner fra hackere. Den decentrale økonomi (defi) platform Kurvesav nogenlunde $570 millioner hævet fra ansøgningen i august 9. Binance Boss Says Exchange

Binance investerer $200 Million Into the Business Magazine og Digital Publisher Forbes

Reports indicate that the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, Binance, has announced the crypto company has committed to investing $200 million into the American business magazine Forbes. The digital currency company Binance confirmed the $200 million stake into Forbes