Cashtokens kommer i centrum efter Bitcoin Cash-opgradering: Over 26,000 Tokens oprettet

Following the recent Bitcoin Cash upgrade on Monday, data reveals that approximately 1,308 fungible tokens and 25,336 og Messari (NFT'er) have emerged on the blockchain. i øvrigt, the Cashtokens token ecosystem is now accessible through the blockchain explorers and, allowing

Okx introducerer New Ordinals Marketplace midt i Bitcoin-inskription og BRC20 Buzz

World Cup, kryptofirmaet Okx annoncerede lanceringen af ​​en ny Ordinals markedsplads. Platformen er tilgængelig via Okx Wallet og vil gøre det muligt for brugere at præge og handle Ordinal inskriptioner og BRC20 tokens. While the Ordinals marketplace is still

Økonom Peter Schiff advarer om en ny, Indkommende store depressionskrise, Kritiserer vildledende inflationstal

peter skib, best-selling author and chief economist of Europac, has warned about the coming of a new great depression period in America. In an interview, Schiff stated that official Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers were designed to mislead the public and

Midt i 'Regulatorisk Apparatur' Mod Crypto, Paul Tudor Jones opretholder Bitcoin-allokering

I et nyligt interview, the renowned investor Paul Tudor Jones expressed his perspective on bitcoin, acknowledging that there might be regulatory challenges ahead. Imidlertid, Jones emphasized his unwavering commitment to the dominant cryptocurrency, affirming that he maintainsa small diversification” i…

Harvard økonomiprofessor: USA's standard kan udløse en global finanskrise

Harvard economics professor Kenneth Rogoff, who previously served as the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has warned that the U.S. defaulting on its debt obligations could spark a global financial crisis. “It’s a very perilous situation and we

Russiske virksomheder 'aktivt' ved hjælp af krypto, Rusland skal adoptere 4 Relevante love, Officielle siger

Russiske lovgivere har til hensigt snart at godkende fire lovforslag designet til at regulere forskellige aspekter af kryptovaluta, meddelte et højtstående medlem af det russiske parlament. I mellemtiden, Russiske virksomheder bruger allerede digitale aktiver i grænseoverskridende bosættelser, bemærkede embedsmanden. Russian Legislature to Vote

10 Southeast Asian Nations Challenge Dollar Dominance With Push for Local Currencies

The leaders of 10 Southeast Asian nations, members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), have agreed toencourage the use of local currencies for economic and financial transactions.The group comprises Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesien, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Filippinerne, Singapore,…

Former Paxful CEO Says He Cannot ‘Vouch for Anything Happening There Now’ — Platform Tells Users It Is Back Online

The former CEO of Paxful, Ray Youssef, has told users of the peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that he is no longer in control and therefore cannot vouch foranything that is happening there now.Youssef also told a user who claimed to

Musk Hires New CEO for Twitter, ‘She Will Be Starting in 6 Weeks’

Billionaire investor Elon Musk will be stepping down as chief executive of Twitter and taking on other roles in the company. The owner of the microblogging platform revealed he has hired a new CEO, media executive Linda Yaccarino, who should be

Large Immersion Cooled Crypto Mining Farms to Extract Bitcoin in Middle East Desert

A project to build two large-scale facilities for cryptocurrency mining is underway in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The high-tech data centers will rely on a full immersion solution to cool the power-hungry miners as the desert climate renders air-cooled mining